Stillwater Leasing
Cash Flow
Leasing your essential business equipment allows you to preserve your cash and/or bank lines and pay for the equipment with the increased cash flow you realize from putting the equipment to use.

Tax Advantages
You may be able to write off 100% of your lease payments as a business expense because the IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase. (Please consult your tax advisor for the actual tax benefits to your company.)

More Approvals
If you have maximized your borrowing limits or have a “less-than-spotless” credit history, you may find it easier and less costly to lease your equipment.

End-of-Lease Options
Leasing usually allows you the option of purchasing the equipment outright at the end of the lease, or returning it so you can upgrade to newer models or technology.

Off Balance Sheet Treatment
Because your lease payment may be treated as an operating expense on your financial statements, it may not show up as a capital equipment purchase and add to your long-term debt.

100% Financing
Typically you are not required to make a large down-payment with a lease and can finance 100% of the equipment cost. In some cases soft costs, such as installation or warranties, can also be written into the lease.

Flexible Terms
Leases can be written with flexible terms that meet the needs of your growing business. 36-60 month terms, seasonal or skip payments, and a variety of “end-of-term” options are all possible with lease financing.

Stillwater Leasing will review your credit application and give you the quickest response possible (based on the application parameters).

Program availability dependent upon equipment type and is subject to meeting minimum credit criteria.